About Our Branding Company

Who we ARE


Brand Matrix is a new generation of printing service providing companies in Johannesburg. We have been in operation for the past decade in Johannesburg and have managed to build up a lot of experience in the printing and branding services. We are a professional company managed by the best management team who enable us to be a flawless production machine. We are dedicated to delivering quality printing services.

We also offer website development services at a corporate level. Website Design in Johannesburg is certainly on the market. The digital age has not skipt  the region and the surge has brought about ease of processes. We are the best website designing company in South Africa, SEO and appearance. We design award winning websites.

On the hi tech note, we also offer our clients 3D architectural services for all the people and corporate that look to build at any time soon. 3D architectural design is a professional service we have for our clients. For all your house plans, floor plans and building or house projections get in touch with us today.


To become a leading branding house in the country and beyond our boarders. To provide excellent services to all the people and companies regardless of their budget, cost effective services for everyone. We seek to spread the technology familiarization to all corners of Africa and to enable corporate use of such advantages.


To continue to build our company into a corporate mega house, providing all corporate branding services under one roof, all services being delivered at the highest quality possible.


Integrity, Professionalism, Honesty, Responsibility


  • To provide efficient and effective service to our clients.
  • To provide quality products according to the Brand Matrix standards of quality.
  • To create sustainable jobs for the unemployed.
  • To provide fast turn around printing and marketing innovation solutions.
  • To endorse and support the national mandate of Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa.
  • To always promote the values of integrity and service excellence.
  • To grow, prosper and generate wealth for our shareholders and our employees.
  • To be innovative and to take the initiative when dealing with our clients.
  • To develop and empower our employees and staff in their careers.
  • To operate with professionalism, dignity and honesty at all times.

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