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2020 Corporate Diaries
Diaries for the corporate world

Don’t miss out on Brand Matrix’s 2020 Diary Specials running now.

2020 diary printing or branding is on of the Brand Matrix’s many specialities. We have a team of well experienced experts who are ready to serve you with the best product quality available on the market. Our diary printing expertise is rivaled by no other diary printing company. We have all types of diaries for your interest, we have partnered with variuos diary printing specialists world wide. From expensive customised leather diaries to the economic leatherette covers, we have diaries, journals, notebooks, notepads and daily planners, with sizes small enough to fit in a pocket.

Executive Leather Diaries
Executive Leather Diaries

We are the expert 2020 diary printers in Johannesburg. We have seasoned over our years of experience in the diary printing market.

2020 Diary Printing ideas

This seasonal market is the best opportunity for companies to purchase diaries branded with their logo, embossed, foiled or silk screen printed. Diary Printing is a good token of appreciation gift. If you are looking to make a lasting impression on your employees or executive visitors, Branded Corporate Diaries are the best corporate gift idea.

The main reason why, which is quite obvious, a diary is kept through out the whole year serving a very useful purpose on each day. There may be digital diaries in this technological age, but such gifts as diaries remain quite efficient. Diary printing companies are the best people to contact so you may add an extra personal touch to show the extra effort to your targeted people.  They work like magic all the time.

Diaries printed with your corporate logo can be guaranteed as one of the most effective corporate gift in the market. We advise that when you are selecting which corporate gift will work wonders on your crowd, you contact corporate gifts specialists, including ourselves.

Types of Branded Diaries

Executive Corporate Gift Diaries | Brand Matrix
Executive Gifts for Executive People

Branded Diaries are a traditional corporate gift, among the best corporate gift ideas for 2020. The diary, having originated way back, was one of the most efficient ideas/ inventions, I mean, they are still being manufactured, probably in larger quantities now than then. So with all these years in existance, we are quite sure that diaries will probably always be on the market. Diaries are still executive gift ideas. So why not go an extra mile in pleasing your crowd. They will really appreciate your token of gratitude and ease them into a comfort zone and increase loyalty.

So the question remains, which type of diary will work best on who? Diaries for the executive guests and employees, are diaries branded with your company logo. A leather feel is ideal for executive people. It is a form of showing respect, loyalty and appreciation. It is an important gesture to show respect to the executive people and they will appreciate your effort.

There are other people though, whom you can also please with other types of diaries. Economic types of diaries, beautiful and exquisite but do not break the bank. There are leatherette diaries, branded professionaly with your company’s logo. We are also able to  offer our clients diary design services. This is whereby the cover on the diary or notebook is completely full colour instead of the normal foiling, embossing and silk screen printing.


Corporate Identity Diary Pack

  • Executive Leather Diaries
  • Leatherette  2020 Diaries
  • 2020 full color diaries
  • A4 Diaries
  • A5 Diaries
  • B5 Diaries
  • Customized Diaries
  • Printed Diaries
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