Corporate Identity Design


Every company has its own Identity regulations, it is important for the company to have its corporate colors, corporate vectors and branding positions on corporate clothing and corporate gifts to be uniform and to standard. Corporate Identity helps the population to familiarize themselves with the brand you are presenting to them.  Corporate Branding is very important for brand marketing, without Corporate Identity, who what will you be marketing?

Corporate Printing services fall under corporate identity services. The printing of the corporate products requires the right color swatches, the correct logo placement, the perfect vehicle branding that works on all the corporate vehicles that are in the company fleet, banner printing, Every product that bares the company logo and company vectors and colors has to be exactly the same or similar.

Brand Identity is extremely important in building your brand image. Remember, a brand is what people say about your company or your individual self when you are not in the room. It is not what you tell people you or your brand are.

Corporate Identity Products / Corporate Branding

  1. Pens
  2. Diaries
  3. Notebooks
  4. Notepads
  5. Letterheads
  6. Certificates
  7. Folders
  8. Bags
  9. Umbrellas
  10. Gazebos
  11. Flags
  12. Banners
  13. Adverts
  14. Office &/or shop branding
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