Lithographic Printing

litho2Lithographic printing is the most common, high volume, commercial printing technique, and it has its fair share of pros and cons. During lithographic printing, the image is burned onto a metal plate using a laser, which is then loaded onto the printing press. After the image is burned onto the plate, it is transferred onto a rubber blanket and onto the surface in which it is being printed. The pros and cons of lithographic printing include:

Advantages of Lithographic Printing

  • Long Runs

  • Cost Decrease

  • High Quality Image

  • Special Inks

With lithographic printing, there are a wide variety of different, special inks available for use.Lithographic printing is able to cope with long runs without compromising the quality of print. As the quantity of lithographic printed product increases, the unit cost decreases significantly.Lithographic printing provides a truly high quality, consistent image. This is the result of that Lithographic printing is suitable for a wide range of surfaces including paper, card and plastics.

Source: Ebrand Studio