Brand Matrix is one of the best Printing Companies in Johannesburg, offering professional printing services to our valued clients always. We are a well seasoned company in the branding field. We have had the opportunity to Print large orders for well known clients, though we will not mention them on this page.Printing is only one service among more complex and professional services. We house digital and lithographic printing machines which are state of the art machines, with our seasoned printers minding the machines, we are well positioned to services all clients because of our fine printing experience.

Brand Matrix is no ordinary printing company. If you choose us for your printing services you will enjoy the quality experience. From the onset of the Job, right up to delivery. We believe our clients come before everything else, we put you first. Our digital printing services are inclusive of flyer printing, ticket printing, poster printing, banner printing, PVC printing, Self Adhesive Vinyl printing, Window frosting printing and cutting, Contravision printing, roll up or pull up banner printing, back-lit material printing, flag printing, fabric printing, billboard printing, vehicle branding printing. We print invoice books, certificates, novels, booklets, magazines and other documents.

We have been in the printing industry for nearly a decade and we have become a phenomenal brand with client satisfaction being one of our major goals. We print what you need, offering you printing advice where required, so our clients printing products are an ambassador of our printing services to the rest of the market population.

Our branding services are inclusive of vehicle branding, shop design, shop branding, interior branding, signage services, out door signage, indoor signage, exhibition stand design and manufacturing, billboards and other more effective methods of branding. branding. We are well experienced in the branding field and continue to grow in our branding expertise. We specialize in branding services of divers natures, branding for cars or branding of cars, water bottle branding and many more types of branding. Read more…



Web Design is one of our major services at Brand Matrix, we focus on creating a professional digital image of your company or brand. We design websites in accordance to the departmental competition. It has become mandatory for a company to own a website in our generation, a digital projection of the business online and accessible to people on search engines such as Google, Bing and many other search engines. The availability of your website online means you are able to be located by potential clients just a click away and boost your sales. We have designed websites for all types of businesses and organisations. Some of our work is inclusive of E-Commerce website design, Online Store Website design, Company website design, online portfolio website, church website design, N.G.O website design, charity website development, census web design, law-firm web design, school website design, social website design, garage website design, workshop website design, agency website design, magazine website design,travel website design, entertainment web development services and other professional website design services. So if you are looking for affordable website design services, get in touch with us today for a quick quotation. Read more…



Architectural design is a very complex service which we specialize in. We design a building on 3D with projections of the full view of the complete 3D design. We are focused on high end technology and have managed to change the experience of home designing into a form of intriguing experience. Awarding us the opportunity to Design your building or home, we will ensure that you are satisfied with our 3D design services. Our clients have awarded us the chance to design, on 3D and fully render 3D projects such as 3D design of church buildings, 3D design of schools and compasses, 3D design of residential premises such as flat apartments, 3D design of office parks, 3D rendering of hotels, 3D design of malls and shopping complexes, 3D design of towns and many more complex architectural design services. We have partnered with professional 3D design companies in Johannesburg. We have had the best running in terms of architectural 3D design projects. Trust us to handle your 3D Design project, you will not regret the move. Read more…



We are a leading Diary Printing Company in the market today, with 2020 diaries being the current buzz of the printing companies seasonal waves. Diary printing services are quite a delicate topic, is it the right diary color, the right corporate diary branding, does the diary resemble the right amount of value and respect to the receiver? So many questions pop up when deciding which diary to go with this season. We are able to advise on which type of diaries will work for which type of crowd. Diary Printers near me is a common question we tend to ask ourselves when making decisions on corporate branded diaries, diaries printed with your company logo, personalized diaries, diaries with the receiver’s name, there are many types of corporate diaries available at Brand Matrix and as with every other product we do not manufacture, we have partnered with world re-known diary manufacturing companies from all around the world. We are the experts in Diary printing, with endless possibilities on design and diary branding style. 2020 diary printing is not a general topic of discussion but that a professional sector to venture into. We are the best diary printing company in Johannesburg. Get in-touch with us today. Read more…


tshirt printing

The best t-shirt printing quality available on the market. Brand Matrix is the best t-shirt printing company in Johannesburg with the cheapest t-shirt printing in town. We are a t-shirt printing company with the best quality of print. When it comes to t-shirt printing, Brand Matrix is the icon, we have a variety of t-shirt printing methods to choose from. With our experience in the market. We guarantee you will be happy with our t-shirt printing services. ¬†Our t-shirt printing is comparable to no other company’s quality. Try us out today! Read More…


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